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Taxi Camera Sales

Need a security Camera for your vehicle in Queensland?

Never Underestimate the  Safety that comes from having a​ Transport Security Camera.
Prevent & deter crime and create a safe environment for both driver & passengers. Check out Transport Security Cameras range of products & install services.

Crown Cabs is an accredited BSP (Booking Service Provider) in Melbourne, Victoria and is expanding its operations into Sydney, New South Wales and surrounds including Central Coast / Blue mountains.

​Specialising in the taxi industry with over 3 decades of expertise, moving from a family business to a corporate level, we offer the utmost service to passengers and operators within the transport service. Offering a highly competitive package, we provide a complete service that will kickstart your own business.

Never Underestimate the  Safety that comes from  having a​ Transport Security Camera.

From our partners at Transport Securtiy Cameras

​Most Affordable and  Reliable In Vehicle Security Cameras in Australia. Experiene a new freedom in your passenger transport business. ​

The CCC Mark1 covers all of your security camera requirements for your taxi, limousine, hire car or rideshare vehicle. 

  • Audio & Video Capable

  • Internal, External and Forward Facing Camera

  • Up to 288 Hours Recording Time with Automatic Override

  • MDVR Box is Capable of Connecting 4 Cameras 

  • ​External Cameras Installed to your Preference

  • Manufacturers' Warranty up to 3 Years

  • Latest Technology

  • Government Approved for Taxi Use

The CCC Mark 1 has the capability to record both images and audio. Audio is disabled at installation for vehicles in states where audio is prohibited. Recording automatically commences when the vehicle is turned on and automaically ceases 30 minutes after the vehicle is turned off. ​

Perth, WA - Morley, WA - Fremantle, WA - Kalgoorlie, WA
Blue Mountains, NSW - Young, NSW - Nowra, NSW - Grafton, NSW
Brisbane, Qld - Gold Coast, Qld - Harvey Bay, Qld
Mildura, Victoria - Sunbury, Victoria - Ballarat, Victoria
Geelong, Victoria - Macedon, Victoria - Gisborne, Victoria
Frankston, Victoria - Mansfield, Victoria

​Contacts for Taxi Camera Sales:
Emre: 0404 020 333
Shoaib: 0420 846 080
Admin: 1300 12 13 14

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