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Melbourne Crown Cabs

Ride with us in Melbourne. Whether you're heading to Melbourne or Tullamarine airport, spending a night in town or running errands, we pride ourselves on taking care of your needs and meeting your expectations. 

Interested in becoming a Crown Cabs driver in Melbourne? Read about the benefits of working with us here. 

​Taxi Booking Number:

Book your taxi here

If you wish to book a specific vehicle such as a Maxi Vehicle, Station Wagon or Wheelchair Taxi, please call 1300 12 13 14​ for specialised booking service.

Need a Maxi Vehicle? 

Three Ways to Book a Taxi:

  • Book Online

  • Download the App

  • Call: ​1300 12 13 14

*If you receive your booking number, your booking was successful, please don't resubmit the order request.

If you need to cancel your booking, please call 1300 12 13 14

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