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SLYYK Premium Transport Service

Crown Cabs is an accredited BSP (Booking Service Provider) in Melbourne, Victoria and is expanding its operations into Brisbane, Queensland and surrounds including Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. Specialising in the taxi industry with 26 years of expertise, moving from a family business to a corporate level, we offer the utmost service to passengers and operators within the transport service.

Offering a highly competitive package, we provide a complete service that will kickstart your own business. 

If you wish to join, Crown Cabs or SLYYK Network Fees: Depot fee $360 Inc. (28 days cycle) Depot fee Discount of $70 if you make over $500 EFTPOS transactions a week = $290 Depot fee  (all Camera, Tablet Dispatcher, Cabcharge Meter, EFTPOS, all Decals, Logos and Stickers included). Installation fees apply.


Crown Cabs & SLYYK Workshop Accredited Security Certified Company
Brisbane Head Office: 1 / 591 Tarragindi Road, Salisbury, Queensland 4107

Crown Cabs - SLYYK Services Offer:

  • Crown Cabs - BEA (Booking Entity Authorisation)
  • SLYYK - BEA, SLYYK App is an app booking platform (Premium Vehicles)
  • Security Equipment Installation Services
  • Taxi Vehicle Coverage - Full cover for our members, only $3000 thanks to RICNOX COVER.
  • Occhi’s Mechanical Repairs and Smash Repairs - Salisbury, Qld
  • SE Auto Centre and Smash Repairs - Virginia, Qld
  • Full Vehicle Fit-outs
  • Free Downloading of Recordings. (before 7 days) Downloads of recordings from a personalised transport security camera system should be made within 168 hours (7 days) after the incident to avoid the overwriting of the recording.
  • RWC – Roadworthy Certificate
  • COI - Certificate Of Inspection
  • Sale of Taxi Cameras, Domes

Our Camera Model " CCC MK1” is installed in all Crown Cabs and SLYYK vehicles in Melbourne Victoria. 

All Downloads of recordings will be performed at our Head office in Salisbury.

When our camera is approved, we hope towards the end of September, you must bring the vehicle to our office at 1/591 Tarragindi Road, Salisbury, Queensland 4107, Australia for an initial vehicle inspection and a deposit must be made at the time of inspection to confirm your CAMERS booking date

We have 2 installation locations:

  1. Occhi’s Workshop: 591 Tarragindi Road, Salisbury, Queensland 4107
  2. SE Auto Centre: 43 Telford Street Virginia, Queensland 4014 (Enter via Ullswater St)

Each install will take approximately 2 hours, without interruptions.


Don't Pay MONTHLY for cameras that you will never own,

Choose 1 of our GREAT OFFERS and own your own camera within 12 months or less,





  1. Camera FULL Price:

                  Sedan Camera Price: 2 Cameras, Full Kit: $1500

                  Maxi Camera Price:  3 Cameras, Full Kit: $1700

                  Installation Sedan: $240

                  Installation Maxi: $340


  1. 3 Instalment Plan:

                  Deposit: Sedan $900 

                  1st Instalment: $250

                  2nd Instalment: $200

                  3rd Instalment: $200

                  Total: Sedan $1550 


                  Deposit: Maxi $$1,100 

                   1st Instalment: $250

                   2nd Instalment: $200

                   3rd Instalment: $200

                   Total: Maxi $1750


  1. 12 Instalment Plan

                  Sedan Camera $1700 - 12 Payments (No Interest Charges)

                   Deposit: $620

                   12 payments $90 per month

                   Installation Camera only: $240

                   Maxi Camera $1900 - 12 Payments (No Interest Charges)

                   Deposit: $720

                   12 payments $90 per month

                   Installation Cameras only: $340 


Installation Camera Fees: Sedan $240 Maxi $340 

*Other Charges May Apply

3 Year Limited Warranty on MDVR CCC MK1 System