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Nowadays, hiring a taxi is swift and easy with a few steps. Crown cabs in Melbourne have been providing this facility for years so that you can get wherever you want with no trouble at all. Moreover, we are available 24/7 at your service. We are committed to your level of satisfaction so that we are aware of your needs; we are opened 365 days, a whole year.

How do I book?

If this question has been roaming in your head for a long time then let us guide you. You can go to our website and Book online for booking a taxi online or either you can simply book by downloading for free of our SLYYK app available in the play store and app store where you can book taxi online anywhere and anytime in Melbourne and surrounding Suburbs.

We have a simple booking form where you are asked your personal information like contact number and name along with the pickup and destination address. Moreover, you can customize your pickup date and time as you need. If you have any note for your driver you could leave that too while you are filling up your form. Furthermore, as you fill your form you are asked the number of passengers so that you can have a good experience and feel comfortable while you are on the drive.

How do I pay?

We provide you with a wide range of payment options so that you can either go cash in your hands or else you can go cashless. Also, we provide you with the credit card swapping payment.

Melbourne Taxi Service

Our amazing services

Experienced chauffeurs:

We are here accompanied by the chauffeurs who are highly experienced. They know the shortest routes with low traffic routes so you can be at your destination in time. On the other hand, chauffeurs can drive in any location anytime in Melbourne.

Picking & Dropping:

We provide you with the services as picking you up from your location and dropping you off at your destination.

Choose your own fleet:

You are provided with the attracting feature as you can choose your own fleets. We have a wide range of fleets available. Moreover, you can book any fleet as you wish.

Drive to any location in Melbourne:

Our chauffeurs are ready to drive you all around Melbourne. The chauffeurs generally have the knowledge of the routes so they too know about the shortest routes and the road that has minimal traffic.

Booking confirmation:

Your booking is confirmed as you book for a ride. We provide you with the chauffeurs who are nearest to you so that you can get to your destination on time. As soon as your booking is confirmed we dispatch our chauffeurs to you.

Online Booking:

You can now book a taxi from the website, email, or SLYYK app which is ever feasible for you. Moreover, you can too choose your fleet also. Your fare is also calculated.

Low-cost fares:

We provide you with low-cost fares. Our fleets are installed with the taxi fares estimator so that you pay the reasonable fare only. All the fleets are registered and as well as have a taxi number.

These above are the services that we provide. Furthermore, you can hire a taxi online within a few seconds. Book your next ride with Crown Cabs and enjoy your ride.

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