Cost of taxi fares when you travel to and from Melbourne Airport

Crown cabs have been serving the airport transfer or taxi service from the Melbourne airport to the city and its suburbs. You can have the two-way airport taxi service as well. In addition to it, you can also book your taxi for the transfer service from Melbourne airport to the city in the best and the affordable pricing.

How do we charge?

As soon as your job is accepted the operator/chauffeur you are charged fixed price plus $2 to $2.6 per mile as they travel to your pick up location. The final fare that the operator charges you is $55 to $60. Moreover, the fare raised by the Uber in Melbourne is comparatively higher than the fare that we charge. Comparatively our fees are much more affordable along with the greatest range of the service.

So, if you are the client on a frequent basis then you will be getting the discount as well as your chances of accessing the taxi will be higher. Furthermore, for some certain routes, the fares are fixed.

Know about the service you will get


We have the professional and the experienced chauffeurs and the operators.  Moreover, the chauffeurs are concerned about your safety and comfort. They are always ahead of the time so that you will be at your destination in time. Also, the chauffeurs update you when they are on the way and as well when they are at your pickup location.


We have various fleets which are advance. You can choose your fleet as your requirement. While you are booking you must tell your requirement so that we can understand it better and give you the best.

So, at the affordable price, you will be getting what you required so that you can enjoy your ride from Melbourne airport to the city. You can call us at 1300121314 to make a booking from the Melbourne airport to the city.

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